Prevent Irritable Sewer Syndrome

Did you know that many of our well-meaning kitchen and bathroom habits are actually harming our sewer pipes and compromising the health of our water source?

For example, the seemingly harmless act of flushing leftover soups and gravies down the toilet are actually creating some pretty big problems in our sanitary sewer system.

Supported by the City of Saskatoon, Partners is excited to announce the addition of a new FREE educational program for Fall 2020. This program is called Prevent Irritable Sewer Syndrome and is all about the Sanitary Sewer System here in Saskatoon. The sanitary sewer system includes all of the pipes that carry fresh water to and used water from INSIDE our homes and businesses.

This program is designed mainly for Grades 5-8 and provides a brief history of water sanitation, Saskatoon’s present Wastewater Treatment system, the difference between this system and the Storm Drain System, and the consequences of our daily actions. Most importantly, it shows students how THEY can be part of keeping our sanitary sewer system healthy to ensure a healthier South Saskatchewan River for us and everyone downstream from us.

This program enlightens others about how simple modifications to daily habits can make a positive difference to the health of our sanitary sewer system and river! If you have a group ages 10-13 in Saskatoon and would like to find out more information on how to register, including digital options, contact us!

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