Kids’ Activities

Prevent Irritable Sewer Syndrome

Did you know that many of our well-meaning kitchen and bathroom habits are actually harming our sewer pipes and compromising the health of our water source?

Caring for our Watersheds Program

The CARING FOR OUR WATERSHEDS program is an environmental educational competition that encourages creativity and rewards students for the solutions they identify. CARING FOR OUR WATERSHEDS partners with communities to create focused solutions to local watershed issues.

Yellow Fish Road™ Program

Did you know that storm water goes to our rivers untreated? Take these 9 actions to help protect your beautiful watershed from pollutants and harmful chemicals in stormwater!

Water Watchdog

Water Watchdog is a hands-on water monitoring program for youth that increases awareness about water and water management issues. It encourages individual actions that will contribute to healthier ecosystems.

Moopher’s Amazing Journey to the Sea

Our Trilingual Version of Moopher’s Amazing Journey to the Sea is an exciting board game designed for children ages 7-12+. By helping Moopher (a mischievous gopher) travel to the sea, children learn about their place within the Saskatchewan River Basin, its diverse culture, and how their actions can influence the greater watershed basin.

Stan the Sturgeon

Stan the Sturgeon is a student-centered, Grade 8 curriculum-based program for Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba that will literally have students climbing the walls as they discover the relationships that influence the health of the Saskatchewan River Basin.

Click on Climate

Click on Climate is an outdoor field day program aimed at helping youth ages 8-13 understand some of the concepts associated with climate change and its interactions with ecosystems. The program helps students to learn what they can do to help minimize their own greenhouse gas emissions at home or at school.

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