Activity 2: Be a Water Molecule in the Saskatchewan River Basin

Time required: 20 minutes

Materials required: None

Background information: This quiet activity is known as guided imagery. Participants pretend to be water molecules as they journey through the Saskatchewan River Basin. Practice reading the text out loud a few times before you read it to your group. Pause frequently. Speed up or slow down depending on what is occurring in the text.

Your group needs to know what a water molecule is, before you read the text.What is a water molecule? A water molecule is the smallest bit of water that can exist. It looks like a head. It is made of one part oxygen (the face) and two parts hydrogen (the ears).

Instructions: Have the participants lie down in comfortable positions (preferably outside near water). Eyes should be shut. There should not be distracting background noises such as traffic or voices. Read the text. Afterwards discuss how the participants felt about their journey.

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