Water Watchdog

Water Watchdog
Water Watchdog is a hands-on water monitoring program for youth that increases awareness about water and water management issues. It encourages individual actions that will contribute to healthier ecosystems.
It is a ready-to-go water monitoring and education program to test for basic water quality parameters. It does not require the adult leader to have extensive prior environmental knowledge. It contains workbooks, information guides, and additional activities. Program activities include field data collection, data analysis, and an indoor component where a child's “water footprint” is calculated.
Below you can download PDF copies of the program contents (Leader Program Setup Guide, Leader Field Guide, Information Files, and the Kids' Logbook). There is also a listing of additional supplies you will need to run the Water Watchdog program.  Most of these supplies should be available around your school. 

Download Water Watchdog

Leader Setup Guide

Leader Field Guide

Student Field Guide 

Student Log Book

Additional Program Information

Grouping Activities

Teacher Information

Extra Activities

Water Footprint, Water Detective

Water Watchdog Quiz

Water Watchdog Word Find

Water Watchdog Word Find - Answer Key

Water Watchdog Origami Activity

For more information, please contact us at partners@saskriverbasin.ca or 306-665-6887. 



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