Kids' Activities

Here you will find fun and informative watershed games and activities for kids (and kids at heart)!









Water Watchdog Activities!

Water Watchdog Origami Activity

Water Watchdog Word Find

Water Footprint, Water Detective








Play Catchment Detox! See if you can successfully manage a river catchment and create a sustainable and thriving economy!


Ducks Unlimited Canada - Wetland Activities for all ages







ScienceSeekers: Wetlands - Wetland ecosystems are filled with many types of species. Find them in this game! 

Wetlands Activity! - Identify plants and animals located in wetlands and where they fit in the food chain!

Biodiversity: A Data Discovery Game - In this game you will join a team of experts to identify and count species and investigate the biodiversity.


Other Activities!

How to make a solar oven!

Watershed wordsearch

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